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  More Men than Women Gamble Online While Drunk

In an interesting study it has been found that men are far more likely to gamble on line while freely imbibing than what is the case with women. This also leads to the related issue that men are far more likely to throw caution to the wind and bet more aggressively while drunk than they would if they were stone cold sober. In fact what is interesting is that when females are drinking they are much more likely to shop instead of gamble online. Surprise, Surprise!

It is believed that when people start drinking they lose their inhibition and good judgement and they will pursue pastimes such as gambling or shopping to a greater extreme. Men will gamble four times more money than women when they are intoxicated and at online casino gambling websites.

While there is nothing wrong, at first glance, with drinking and gambling responsibly it is another matter altogether when it goes beyond a fun evening into the area of total excess. Excessive drinking, it has been found, goes hand in hand with excessive gambling.

The month of March brought attention to the problem of abusive gambling to the forefront and with a look at potential solutions. Drinking in excess is often a way to pour gasoline on the fire when it comes to problem gambling and there are many proposed ways to try and defuse the situation although more realistic analysts admit that actual enforcement of these solutions are virtually impossible and that awareness promotion is the best way to combat it.


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