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  Are Computers Giving Online Casino Gamblers an Unfair Advantage

In one of the more ironic theories put out in regards to online casino gambling it is now being thought that players that are using computers while playing at online casinos have an unfair advantage and that it should be removed from them. In essence so goes the theory that wagering at an online casino has become a competition between a robotic generated computer bet and the actual bet made by the individual.

Online casino sports betting, in particular, has seen the use of computer handicapping formulas to be problematic as far as player success and a potential edge against the house. This has also been found to be a concern in regards to pari-mutual pools as well. Computers give off the ability to make several different bets at one time which can frustrate the house and its edge and also adjust what the odds should be compared to what they are. The use of computers by players takes away the human inability to make a multitude of decisions and bets at the same time which also flies flat in the face of realism when it comes to actual online gambling with a human vs. the machine.

The younger generation in particular seems to like the computer based decision making models for their bets as they are used to operating that way in various other aspects of their lives. Online casinos are now being forced to offer computer aided tools for wagering to attract the younger demographic.


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