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The legend of Shangri-La goes back to 1933 and novelist James Hilton who wrote one of the most remarkable novels of all time, Lost Horizon, that was about a slice of paradise located in the Himalayas and based on Tibetan scriptures. Shangri-La was written of as a utopia where there was no aging as people would live for several hundred years. Microgaming, one of the best online casino software providers with a world class reputation for excellence has now been able to develop the ability to bring Shangri-La to you with the creation of a slots game known as Paradise Found, which has drawn massive amounts of traffic based on that utopian theme of Shangri-La.

Paradise Found is an online slots game with its reels set in paradise in which the setting is a picture perfect image of clear skies and snow-capped mountains with lush green valleys in the foreground. The symbols on the reels are taken from Tibetan culture with the highest paying symbol being the Himalayan yak. There is also a Tibetan prayer wheel to give you added piece of mind and a cup containing the elixir of life is the essence of this phenomenally powerful online slots game that is illustrative of the excellence of Microgaming and its ability to deliver appealing games.

Paradise Found has 20 selectable paylines as you can wager up to 10 coins per payline with a coin size range from 0.01 to 1.00 credits. Find paradise with Shangri-La today!


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