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  Online Casino Gambling Revenue Now a Myth for Governments

It was not all that long ago that governments all over the world cast their greedy eyes at online casino gambling as the ultimate savior for their insatiable pig like appetite for revenue to use to buy people's votes. But this once common theory that was the epitome of conventional wisdom may be changing soon as governments are finding out that online casino gambling may not be the panacea it was once sold to be.

There is yet another theory that has lately gained steam in which there is a growing sentiment among both politicians and citizens in various countries in which it is believed that government involvement in gambling is a bad thing and actually promotes citizens to take part in an activity that can be self-destructive in their own minds. After the reality of the unholy reliance between online gambling and various state and federal governments has taken root there is a chain of thought that it is absurd for governments to be promoting the merits of gambling to its citizens.

In the United States a group known as the Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation has declared the alliance between government and gambling to be an abject failure and called it one of the biggest public policy failures of the past four decades, which is really saying something if you truly think about it.

The ultimate aim for Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation is to keep tax payer funds away from any promotion of gambling.

Once again, the government may have promised too much and deliver too little.


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