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Visit Captain Cooks Online CasinoOnline casino wagers are made every single minute at online casinos around the world. Some people wager on casino games while others place wagers on sports, poker, horse racing, etc. How do you pick and choose what to wager on?

Online casino sites give you a lot of choices to consider but the overwhelming majority of your bankroll should be allocated for wagers that are only based on the absolute best values. This is what your main bankroll should be for; the real games and real bets that really matter and count towards your long term goals and vision. For example, let’s say that you use 90% of your overall bankroll for your serious wagering whether that is on sports, horse racing, poker or casino games. The other 10% of your bankroll could be your recreational bankroll. You might want to keep that percentage even lower than 10% but keep that bankroll separate for things like progressive slots, tournaments, etc.

In setting up your bankroll and how you allocate your funds, you may also want to take into account your overall bankroll size, as well as the type of wagers that you like to make. You may want to allocate your bankroll according to which things are bringing you the most profit.

Online casino betting is fun, exciting and it can be a money maker but only if you keep your wagers under control.



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