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The winner. He is rare, he is hidden; he is different. You want to be a winner you say? Think about it - A winner or a gambler. There is a distinct difference.

The typical player at an online casino may say he wants to be a winner and likely doesn’t enjoy losing his money. But what he says and what he does are two distinctly different things. While these players say that they want to win what their actions demonstrate is that they want to play. They jack around. They are gamblers.

The winner, on the other hand, is cool, calm, collected and, most of all, calculating. He has formulated not a system, (losing gamblers have those), but a philosophy. The winner doesn’t gamble, he invests, he moves in like a shark on the best opportunity to succeed. Action is NOT what the winner is all about at an online casino, WINNING is all that matters.

The winner at an online casino realizes that success comes from waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, waiting for weakness, like a slow play in poker. The winner will pass on over ninety-percent of the action that is thrown his way. Or more!

The winner has no interest in having something going just to do so; he only makes his wager based on the likelihood of getting paid, which is his sole objective.

An online casino is manna from heaven for the winner. For the loser, it is like being a bartender with a drinking problem.

So you must make a decision before entering an online casino; do you want to win or to just jack around?

Posted: Jun 1, 2007


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