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  Online Slot Machines


Just as is the case at a Las Vegas casino, an online casino gambling slot machine is worked by the gambler inserting credits/coins into the machine with the machine then spinning out random combinations of symbols on a dial with some of those specific combinations winning different amounts of money for the gambler.

One of the great advantages of online casino gambling slots is that a gambler can get a lot more play for his bankroll, as there are plenty of low limit slots available at online casinos, particularly in comparison to a Vegas floor.

While at first glance there may not appear to be much strategy involved with online casino gambling slot machines, success ultimately comes down to the gambler being disciplined and not going on a binge. One of the big mistakes that many players make in online casino gambling slots is to utilize the "Martingale Theory" in which the continuously double up their wagers until they win, with the obvious problem being that they sometimes never do win before their bankroll runs dry.

Along those same lines it is important for a gambler to realize that an online casino slot machine is not “due” and can and will come up empty time after time after time. Many a bankroll has been lost with the fallacy of the "Due Theory." By the same token some slot machines are looser than others and just because you hit a jackpot at one doesn’t mean that it can’t or won’t happen again.

How to Play Online Slots

Every Slot machine is different, but they all work pretty much the same. Add a token or money in to the slot machine and pull the lever or push the button depending on the type of slot machine to start the reels spinning.

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The basic object of the game is to match three symbols on a line whether they are cherries, BAR symbols or just about anything. Different variants of the game may pay out on less than 3 identical symbols, or may have "wild" symbols. Payouts differ depending on what symbols were matched on a line, which are typically different for each style of machine - though payouts should be clearly indicated on the machine itself.

Certain slot machines have more than one "pay line", which allows players to play multiple coins to increase their odds of winning on a pull. For example, a three line machine would have a center, top and bottom payout line for symbols to line up on. By wagering three coins to play all three lines as opposed to one, a player would win on any one of the three lines if the symbols lined up according to the pay chart.

   Is there a strategy when it comes to playing slots online?

Many people have theories when it comes to gambling. They say they hold the golden ticket on how to play certain games, but how can you have a slots strategy? As most people know, slots are played using an RNG which is a random number generator so no matter how you click the spin button, the outcome is already determined for you.

In land based casinos, its funny to watch people as they pull their player's card out of the machine every few spins, thinking that may be the reason they aren't winning, or they sit on the end of an aisle or in a high traffic area because that's the machine that will draw attention when the jackpot is won. It doesn't matter whether you pull the handle or press the button; your fate is already determined.

Online, you're clicking your mouse, not pulling a handle, but people DO tend to believe that if they start their wagers small and then throw in a few high roller spins in there, that they will hit the big one on that spin. Many software providers and casinos won't let you know if this is true, however, but according to them, the RNG is in effect on every spin and no matter what you do, your outcome is exactly the same as it would have been had you increased your bet.

Some slot players also believe that by putting a lucky charm on their computer screen, or rubbing it may help. They also think that certain slots are "looser" then others and having this information will give them the edge in determining if they will come out ahead. Hey, as long as they think they're doing the right thing that will give them the jackpot, what's wrong with that? Maybe one day, an ex software provider employee will write a book on how to REALLY beat the slot machines.

But yet again, if you could determine your fate, how much fun could that really be?



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